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1 City and Colour - Sleeping Sickness 256 04:10
2 City and Colour - Save Your Scissors 192 04:37
3 City and Colour - Little Hell 320 04:43


Will Oliveira

2019-01-31 17:19:51 | Profile
Wow restumbled on this little gem such a good song. It must have been 9-10 years since I heard it


2018-12-06 13:33:06 | Profile
you went back to her every time we left each otherbut what hurt the most was seeing that you put our song, this song, in the playlist you made for her and that is the only thing i can share with herbecause i am nothing like her

Cassandra Doss

2018-12-03 06:29:10 | Profile
One tree hill 8x15 quin and clay.....

Vanessa Zegarra

2018-11-18 09:50:26 | Profile
Kiss with a fist color


2018-11-14 08:04:45 | Profile
RIP Justin Meek and all those who died in the Thousand Oaks bar shooting <3

flavio Cyberzona

2018-11-12 06:38:32 | Profile
Songs like this make me cry

Lara Taborda

2018-11-11 01:50:22 | Profile
Zach herron...thank you

Yasya Indra

2018-11-07 23:58:22 | Profile
This song fits all weathers.

Bernard Escolier

2018-11-06 00:53:53 | Profile
I hate this song because I showed it to my ex and she liked it lmaoaoaoaoa She cheated on me :,)

Beatrice Toria

2018-11-04 01:23:46 | Profile
lmao whos here from zach herrons story? :)

Firestata1 Hu

2018-10-27 11:31:36 | Profile
I dedicate this to my last percentage of battery I used to watch this.