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Cameron Cox

2019-05-23 15:23:36 | Profile
I wonder if your aloud to wear those black cloaks in public ;)

Its Khaled

2019-02-20 03:36:04 | Profile
obviously its not your kind of music then, to me their fucking good, but i like music with mostly breakdowns

Ramon Dekkers

2019-02-14 05:36:23 | Profile
lets go for Warped 2013!!!!!!!

Jorge Sarabia

2018-11-15 03:08:41 | Profile
if you seen asking alexandria live u wouldnt even know its them.unless u like throwing down in the pit its pointless seeing them..dannys voice these days is basically a computer..HIS A ROBOT PEOPLE!


2018-11-11 12:19:23 | Profile
they just released DIE on fb FUCK YESSS

hepatox declerq

2018-11-01 15:03:07 | Profile
Listen to misery signals - controller One of the best metalcore bands

Chris Molina

2018-10-29 07:13:15 | Profile
Agree, the start is pretty good then the clean vocals come in and ruin it

Tina Restrepo A

2018-10-28 00:22:25 | Profile
i agree. some songs stick out but none of their songs stick out. Im not gonna argue about it. their not terrible.

Kenny Mack

2018-10-08 18:09:18 | Profile
i know these guys could do better. this song isnt bad just i know they could make a hevier catchy song/songs. idk im going to have to liesten to a new album from them. :) wait and see.


2018-10-07 11:56:36 | Profile
AA blows dick musically. Every one of there songs is one giant breakdown, the vocals (both cleans and uncleans) are altered to the point where Danny cant even perform them live The song structures are complete shit going from instrumentation to dubstep is done in the most anti climatic way possible. The lyrics and album concepts are generic, unoriginal, and beyond awful. Thats why AA completely fails musically.

Svetlana Funk

2018-09-23 23:08:38 | Profile
Seems like A.A. took a page from their book nd made a band out of it!!

ivan Korovin

2018-09-19 15:00:59 | Profile
ive known about them sense forever.


2018-09-16 16:25:29 | Profile
i think if they were in a label like, idk, fearless, epitaph or one like that they could have more recognition, nowadays the bands in labels like that are the ones that have it...but fuck it

Alex Jaze

2018-09-14 09:19:48 | Profile
Fuck yeah. Dude see ya there!