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fritz donayre

2018-12-19 14:18:25 | Profile
Am I the only one that cried?

Joyce Guillen

2018-12-06 01:15:52 | Profile
this made me cry! i love this song! <3

Johnnyp S

2018-11-15 08:54:21 | Profile
John Legend. You did it!

Connor Bond

2018-11-12 12:06:40 | Profile
How did I just find out about this song?

Pierre Ghislain

2018-11-07 01:14:35 | Profile
This song makes me fall in love all over again

ikhmal hakim

2018-11-06 09:29:05 | Profile
i want a woke men like john legend to be my husband, who knows how to appreciate woman the way they are, and not expect supermodels with perfect face and body.


2018-10-28 08:10:58 | Profile
Every won was pretty

noneoyo biznez

2018-10-12 06:51:53 | Profile
i absolutely love this song with all of my heart

Rien H

2018-09-10 05:31:40 | Profile
This song is so beautiful, with an amazing video. It can literally help your confidence shoot through the sky ! All women are beautiful, nobody is ugly.


2018-09-08 03:35:53 | Profile
This made me cry but little bit inappropriate