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# Song Bitrate Length
1 Luther Vandross - If I Didn't Know Better 320 04:07
2 Luther Vandross - One Night With You (Everyday of Your Life) 320 04:16
3 Luther Vandross - Anyone Who Had a Heart 256 05:49
4 Luther Vandross - I Can Make It Better 160 05:37
5 Luther Vandross - Promise Me 320 04:44
6 Luther Vandross - Forever, for Always, for Love 320 06:24
7 Luther Vandross - She Won't Talk To Me 320 04:38
8 Luther Vandross - Heaven Knows 256 05:02
9 Luther Vandross - Dream Lover 320 04:32
10 Luther Vandross - Bad Boy / Having a Party 320 05:18
11 Luther Vandross - Windows Of The World/What the World Needs Now 320 06:01
12 Luther Vandross - The Mistletoe Jam (Everybody Kiss Somebody) 160 04:47
13 Luther Vandross - Every Year, Every Christmas 256 05:06
14 Luther Vandross - May Christmas Bring You Happiness 320 04:30
15 Luther Vandross - This Is Christmas 160 04:47



2019-09-20 10:53:43
Luther is the king of Rnb

Laku shall

2019-04-24 01:18:23
Listening to this song keeps breaking my heart.I wish heaven waited a few more years

Laku shall

2019-04-24 01:17:02
Listening to this song keeps breaking my heart.I wish heaven waited a few more years

Yvette Wallace

2018-11-12 11:44:32 | Profile
Luther never made any "pop" albums. This and his "Give Me the Reason" albums were both R&B, as were all his albums. Its just that they crossed over to white audiences. Some mistakenly call R&B pop when it crosses over.


2018-11-11 09:18:14 | Profile
Note I put the word "pop" in quotes. Maybe I should make it plainer -- this was the second album White people paid attention to.

Paul Leepoy

2018-11-07 10:21:07 | Profile
i just looovvee this very unpopular Luther sooo much thanks for posting it

Ana Maria Chico

2018-11-06 23:36:01 | Profile
Once in a lifetime someone comes along that has the gift 2 change peoples lives. Luther Vandross, "THE VOICE", did exactly that 4 me. I have an anxiety disorder that literally kept me in my house for 2 years & would hav BAD panic attacks. But with Luther.....he made all that change. All I had 2 do was listen 2 Luther & his music would calm me so when he sang "I can make it better" He really did for me. Thank you Luther! No one did it better and to one ever will!! Rest peacefully Luther


2018-11-04 23:11:09 | Profile
I understood that from your first comment. What I was saying is that usually, when a black r&b artist or their music crosses over to white audiences, the music industry labels it pop. Then, the public starts to do the same. However, just because white audiences listen to or buy r&b music, does not make it "pop".

Ken Leftwich

2018-11-04 07:59:03 | Profile
I have this album on vinyl and cd full album is brilliant

Ryan Willman

2018-11-03 02:14:42 | Profile
Luther was a soul singer and the best out there no one will ever take his place I love Luther just listening to his songs and albums means the world to me R.I.P Luther no one will ever make a song more powerful than yours