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lutfie surya

2018-11-17 04:42:10 | Profile
My mum say move next leggs their burning! A family joke this us to my mum Jilly payne

mishanya az

2018-11-16 08:34:47 | Profile
Never knew that Johnny Sins was the singer of Midnight oil

vlad botso

2018-11-16 05:01:17 | Profile
Peter Garrett is smart enough to realize how important conservation is. I wish people here in the States would realize that we have a beautiful country that is worth taking care of.

Malachy Smith

2018-11-01 11:45:14 | Profile
Hurt the hurtSave the savedMake the richRicherand the pooroh wellHow about Love your enemyand be fare

Hu Ge

2018-10-31 01:17:49 | Profile
My brother wanted to go to Australia on R&R but got Thailand instead. Now he wants to go to Australia and do what he can to help people increase their quality of life. He is 74 and very lonely and just wants to help spread the love of humanity to these people, nothing more and he seeks nothing in return.

patiya seanbua

2018-10-21 07:39:59 | Profile
30 years have passed. Wow

Slava Rostovtsev

2018-10-18 10:48:10 | Profile
The time has come... to say fairs fair... to pay the rent... to pay our share.How do we sleep while our beds are burning?Such a masterpiece of a song.