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Devin Hanna

2019-05-07 23:40:38 | Profile
but can we talk about the guitar part on the chorus??? like how ingeniously catchy is that???

Remy Isen

2018-11-17 04:11:49 | Profile
Is he Canadian or mexican

Ermie Roque

2018-11-16 20:07:31 | Profile
If I had a guy in my room my parents would beat my ass not his lmaooo

Ivonne Cortes

2018-11-15 23:27:30 | Profile
Omg what a terrible singer


2018-11-13 08:34:59 | Profile
he got a kiss and made it out alive. mission accomplished.

Bruno Abreu

2018-11-12 15:27:09 | Profile
when you were emo 5 years ago and now your a kpop stan

Blaithin Dooley

2018-11-12 02:19:07 | Profile
Who is listening in 2769?

Benjamin Sullivan

2018-11-11 17:24:40 | Profile
I love how this was posted 2 days after cinco de mayo and they have like the sickest acoustic Spanish guitar solo ever.


2018-11-09 05:15:35 | Profile
wow this brings back so many painful memories im stronger now

Aleesha Tyson

2018-11-07 08:33:54 | Profile
i remember playing this at guitar hero live

Brian Devine

2018-11-05 10:06:30 | Profile
I dont get why people ever leave the emo faze

mowfo mowfo

2018-11-05 02:02:56 | Profile
Im here because of AdamLZ playlist. :D

Oksana Nienhuis

2018-11-02 18:20:46 | Profile
Whe else lives in the bronx