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2Clip_ Dugs

2019-03-19 18:12:59 | Profile
This was the most popular song played on the Juke boxes in the enlisted clubs in in Vietnam in 1967. Throw a quarter in for three sons and this would be one of them.

leather sagging

2018-11-16 10:12:34 | Profile
Come and get me pretty please...


2018-11-14 03:00:05 | Profile
Itazuke AFB Japan 1967. My band used to play this song at the teen, NCO, and Officers clubs.


2018-11-08 11:14:23 | Profile
in memory of Doug Crecilous my late step dad, took bullets for his country, wasted zipper head commies as a marine helicopter gunner.

Mate Nemeth

2018-11-08 06:28:18 | Profile
This is when Democrats ruled

Mariza Sarmento

2018-11-03 18:14:19 | Profile
The perfect song to get out of the EU

Jibril Chang

2018-10-29 23:54:54 | Profile
If there was ever a fitting song for that mess in Viet Nam, this is it.

Natalie Trevino

2018-10-07 12:59:27 | Profile
a date a family Sempier Fi my brothers those two boots in there country a son 24 years old 1969 in a country

Nelson Italiano

2018-10-01 09:32:32 | Profile
La guerra q perdieron los gringos...