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Zoe Hon

2019-10-01 23:19:42 | Profile
I fkng love this song. It used to remind of a certain guy, but now I just want it played at my funeral.

Sparky Plays Games

2019-03-30 02:51:08 | Profile
such a wonderful song. his voice makes me want to say Yes you should defintely spend the night.

dfgh dfghjk

2019-01-08 21:28:37 | Profile
Scott that was good music back then man believe me I got into rock and roll Jimi Hendrix Grand Funk Led Zeppelin all that man but I used to love my little love Tunes to man and heartbreak tunes and everything you know I like so and Jazz to man that funk man I love that too

Tt allen

2018-11-17 10:56:21 | Profile
somewhere in the universe hot donna and eric forman are still dancing to this song.

June Ahern

2018-11-15 12:50:26 | Profile
Are todd r fans dead

Samantha Bolling

2018-11-14 22:38:44 | Profile
LOVE IT - SF / POLK ST. 1977 ????

lena byrdova

2018-11-14 07:59:28 | Profile
Effing AWESOME playlist...thanks!

Luca Freddi

2018-11-12 22:46:15 | Profile
Nice set of photos, pictures with his daughter are priceless